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Here is my simple site, where you can find my Podcast  TOSAsTalking Tech.

TTT is about the celebrating, exploring and sharing all the fun tech things we are doing in my district, Bassett Unified in La Puente California. Along with my co-host, Michael Jephcott, the podcast is aimed at both BUSD and the greater educational world. We hope to share and teach, open up opportunities for our teacher colleagues to learn and expand their current practices with technology.

I also store all of my presentation materials here. They are all located under the presentations tab at the top of the page.

Lastly, I have a semi-regular blog here, where I am trying to stretch myself as a learner and teacher, forcing myself at times to be creative and reflective, but hopefully also fostering my growth as a professional.

I hope to make this into a repository of some pretty useful information for those who share my occupation and love for my craft. Feedback and comments are always welcome, as are requests to be on our podcast. Read up, learn something and most of all, enjoy!

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