Chapter 3- Models of Professional Learning

This chapter was about Models of Professional Learnings.

Here is my sway, which includes a screencast, and the inventory survey for before the training. This answers some questions and front-loads the participants with some valuable info before the training itself. I have also had them complete a task that will get them familiar with the badgelist platform and sign them up for an account. I hope to use this at the various sites to help our badging presentations go smoothly.


Teaching today is about being flexible and dynamic. The flipped and blended models of classroom instruction have proven to be both of these. The advantages of self-pacing and interactivity with the learning material combines to make a formidable teaching combo.  It couples well with adult learning theory, allowing the participants to know exactly what they are learning, why they are learning it, and the applicability of their learning into their professional growth.

PLN are beneficial because of their power to be a force multiplier. With a good PLN, you are no longer the smartest person in the room, because the smartest person in the room is THE ROOM. Your PLN can open doors you never knew existed, and create bridges to new experiences for you, your classroom, and your students. Mystery Skype is a good example of this. It has redefined the notion of pen-pals, and has exposed students and teachers to cultures and places they never could see/communicate/interact with before.

I have continued to grow professionally through my PLN, and it has opened the door to new learning and opportunities. It has shown me the advantages of continual learning and betterment of my skills through practice and expanding my horizons. I never thought I would be presenting at a conference 500 miles from my home, and have a PLN based mostly around NorCal, talking with and creating lesson, badges, and presentations with people who weren’t even on my radar a year ago. The power of continual improvement and professional growth has made these things possible.

Through my educational experience, I have always been the “learn on your own” type of person, so this module really connected with me as a learner. I could pick something up and be pretty proficient at it in a relatively short period of time. I am happy to be able to focus that energy on my professional development, and I am excited to be able to share that love of learning and professional growth with others, and this course is a great outlet and guidepost for some great ways to refine that skill.