Chapter 6- Developing and Implementing a Vision

Crafting a mission, vision, values and goals is valuable for anyone in education, regardless of their role. Mission, Vision, Values and Goals can be created with a class of school-age students, an adult school staff or a school board. Even more important is actually putting these valuable components into action.

Mission and Vision mission-vision-values-goals



My vision has been shaped and refined using the tools present in this module. I never really committed the vision and mission to a tangible and structured paragraph like I had to do this past week. It has really made me think hard about the things I wanted to do, the vision I had for myself, and the underlying values and beliefs about learning and teaching that I have developed over the past 20 years of teaching and 35 years of learning. It was a good process, and led me to discover some things about my vision and values that I knew I had, but couldn’t really articulate, mostly because I have never had to. Now with a clear and refined vision, I can move towards completing those goals.