50th Show Special

It is finally here! Episode 50! It has been a long haul and a fun ride!

Here are 10 Top 5 lists we came up with for this episode. Enjoy!

Podcasts Movie Making Audio


Coding Apps Drawing/ image apps Student Creation PD Moments TTT Moments Comm.


Social Media Apps
Check this Out iMovie Anchor Tynker Canva Spark Video Flipgrid Takeoff CUE 17- TTT live Flipgrid Tweetdeck
Edsurge Veescope Live Spreaker Osmo Coding Google Draw Sway EdCamp BUSD O’Donnell drop in Voxer Twitter
Learn with John Eick DoInk Audacity Swift Playground Explain Everything Pic Collage 17 TOTs CUE 16 reflections Twitter Messages Snapchat
Cult of Pedagogy Spark Video Garage Band Wonders/ Sphero Edu Sketchpad Thinglink Tech Tuesday Disc.Ed. Interview Trello Instagram
5 Minute Mishmash Chatterpix Voice Memo Scratch Notability Book Creator Microsoft Pilot TOSA reflections Hangouts Facebook