TOSAs Talking Tech Podcast 009

On this episode, Mike and Tom discuss the new Apple iOS release coming soon, 9.3. They went to an Apple event highlighting the changes coming for education, making iPads easier to deploy and use within a classroom setting. Thanks to Whittier City School District for hosting the event.

They also introduce a new segment called ManicMinute. Their guest tries to answer a series of introductory questions in the shortest time possible. They roped in three of their colleagues to beta test the segment, and those first three guinea pigs are in the second segment of todays show.  

Lastly, Tom and Mike gush about a couple of sessions @ the upcoming CUE 2016 and do some name dropping, with a new sound effect to boot!

We hope to see you at CUE2016. Tweet us if you are there, we will be recording every night, and we would love to have you as a guest on our show!

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