TTTP045 Because of CUE

Episode 45

  • #BecauseofCUE
    • Lone Nuts, found a community, grown as educators
      • Bounce ideas, get inspiration, awe in the awesomeness of our twitter friends, connect with people from down the street, over the hill, and even across the state.
    • Thanks to: Ryan O”Donnell and Bryan Briggs
    • John Eick, Roland Aichele
    • Ben Cogswell, Cate Tolnai, Lindsey Blass, #ConnectedTL, #TOSAChat
    • Ann Kozma, Pablo Diaz
  • New things for this year
    • Webinar style trainings
  • Summertime Fun!
    • Books Read
      • Code in Every Class By Kevin Brookhouser and Ria Megnin
        • The case for coding in the classroom-misconception,
        • The demand
        • diversifying in tech or the lack there of
        • all teachers can code
        • engaging students with coding
        • buy-in from admin and site
        • building your knowledge of coding
      • Ready Player One by Ernest Cline 2005
        • Sci-Fi novel that takes place in the year 2044. If you grew up in the 1980’s or are just a fan this is the book for you. This eccentric billion Halliday dies and in his will he leaves his fortune up to the first person that can find an easter egg in the game he invented called the Oasis . Music, video games, movies memory lane
        • Kicking myself for not reading this book earlier.
      • Lead Like a Pirate
    • Conferences attended
    • Fun Had

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