TTTP046- Update special

Episode 46

  • Tech Updates
    • Flipgrid
      • New integration with several apps like Classroom and OneNote
      • New ways to give feedback, you can create your own rubrics, 1-10
      • Padlet on Flipgrid Ideas.
    • EdPuzzle
      • Premade Videos and questions
      • easier interface and integration options.
  • Interview with SGVCUE board members
    • Upcoming Innovation Celebration
    • Alice Keeler Event
    • Coffee Cues and Road Shows
    • New ways to participate with your affiliate,
    • Free membership for 2017/2018 (until March 18)
  • Apple IOS updates
    • Siri Translations- ELD teachers rejoice
    • Screen Recording- great for process and how to videos
    • Files app- No longer a secret where your files are, this helps with saving, structuring and sharing.
    • True Multitasking- I can’t remember a time when i was only doing a task that only needed one app. App smashing is very popular, and help in this area will be awesome
    • AR- building in a framework ad functionality should make AR, already one of the fastest growing spaces in technology, even more prominent. Possibilities are endless, and applications for this tech stretch across all subject areas.
  • B4UT:

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