Vision Quest

I recently had to come up with a Mission and Vision for a class I am taking, and since I put a lot of work, thought and effort into them, and since I want them to be visible and stay in the forefront of my actions and thoughts, I am going to post these here. I would love some feedback, if you got the time. 


I will bring technology to all teachers in BUSD, meeting teachers at their level and expanding technological horizons of even the most tech-reluctant teacher. I will be a creative force for technology integration, by example and by demonstration, enable teachers to be more and do more than they ever thought they could.



Technology is an inseparable part of education today, and I will be an exemplar of technology integration, utilizing new and innovative means of collaboration, content creation, and visible learning. My teachers will create, produce, and publish electronically, gaining insight and feedback from peers and teachers alike, and starting to grow their own analog and digital PLNs which will reflect a personal and professional curation of great resources.


  • I am a digital citizen, and promote digital citizenship in all I do.
  • I positively contribute to all PLN/PLCs I am a part of, learning, growing, and reflecting while sharing my experiences and fostering education, growth and reflection on the part of others.
  • I commit to working with all teachers, tech embracing and hesitant, focusing on the benefits and enhancements that technology brings to education.
  • I do not force tech upon anyone who isn’t ready, but I will always be ready and willing to help any who ask.



  • Successfully steer and launch a 1:1 program at Bassett High School based around solid pedagogy and teacher driven device usage.
  • Learn a coding language and be proficient
  • Get my Admin credential to help with Career Advancement
  • Become an EdTech Coordinator, to carve a place for myself and become indispensable in my position
  • Increase my visibility and profile by presenting at various conferences to promote and share the great things we are doing in BUSD
  • Solicit feedback in all I do, and use that feedback to improve my craft