TTTP027 (1/10/17)

  • Happy New Year, how was break?
  • ConnectedTL news. Now happening 3rd Tuesday of the month, partnering with CUE. There is still an active and thriving weekly voxer topic, but twitter chats will be limited to once a month.
  • Resolutions- best tech resolutions for the year?
    • Back-Up- both school and personal. It is best to have 3 different solutions. Would you want to lost those photos? There are nice online solutions through apple, google and android, and it doesn’t matter what tpe you do, the important thing is to do it!
    • Passwords- Time to change your passwords. The average american only has 2 passwords and they use it for all of their accounts. Change it up, and if it is too much for you to remember, use a password generator, like lastpass, Symantec’s Secure Password Generator, dashlane, stickypassword, or password boss. Check out this great article for more info,2817,2407168,00.asp
    • Digitize your files! Move it to the cloud, we have a free service. It is 100% secure and no one else has access to your files. Also, you can access it from anywhere you can access the internet.
    • Inbox Zero! A fantasy for some, a reality to others. Wy is inbox zero important? why is it even a thing? I keep my inbox at zero to know when I get new email can quickly address anything and it isn’t lost in a ton of SPAM. If it is SPAM, label it and get on with your inbox being cleaner. Check out this article about Inbox Zero for more details
    • Update Apps and clean your phone! Make sure it is up to date, as that can help with performance issues and out of date apps can have vulnerabilities that let the bad guys in. You will thank me when you are all updated. This included backup and physical celaning of your phone. Think about it, your phone goes everywhere you do, and for some of us, that is EVERYWHERE! Think about that, your phone is filthy. It sits on counters and tables, in pocket sand on things that you would never let touch or face or mouth, yett your hands touch your phone. Then you touch your face or your food. Check out this article for more info, but get a clorox wipe and get to cleaning your phone first.
  • Review of the SAMR model
  • Tools of the Trade-Getting sounds into your podcast. i-jingle pro
    • What is it? Sound board for all kinds of sounds-intro music, clips, promos, drops, outro. Why use it? Saves time, all sounds and drops, intro and outro are done live. THis will save on editing tremendously. Helps with the “in the can” syndrome, were podcasts and sit and wait for post-production instead of being out and live.

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